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Calluna Rising is a Spirit-led Singer, Songwriter and Music Business Owner located in Nova Scotia, Canada.

“Fearless Contribution”, Calluna's Debut Album, was released by singles on a monthly basis throughout years 2020 & 2021. Full album was then released to close followers August of 2021, and then to the world on November 12, 2021. (See Music) 

Songs within the Album became a soothing; soulful lullaby during the quarantine state of COVID-19. 

“I wanted to be sure musicians / performers wouldn’t give up on their dreams, and prayed that each song would reach out to all of whom were alone during a time where we desperately needed familiarity".

Album number two is on the rise and, quite conveniently, brand new song, "Rise!" is its commencement—released this past Harvest Moon. (See Music)

"'Rise!' was gifted to me while practising album #1 with the band. The song planted a seed into the fertile ground of a journey in Sacred Feminine Spirit; of which we are so desperately needing in order to heal ourselves and our beloved Mother Earth."


Second song, "Dancing Strings", from upcoming album was also just released this Hunter's Moon (October 09, 2022).


"Dancing Strings started as a meditative piece while practising in the back yard of our family home. The lyrics arrived as prayer due to my desperation to find our Creator again. It is a humble request to let go of our Masculine God in search of another path without turning my back on Him."


Click HERE to listen to "Dancing Strings" .

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