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“Calluna Rising is Heartfelt and Awesome" – Jonathan Crouse, CKBW Radio

My journey from “Heather Armstrong” to “Calluna Rising”

Calluna Rising is a singer, songwriter located in Nova Scotia, Canada. Her sound is described as "Folky, Bluesy, Original Music delivered by a full-bodied voice" by local music legend, Hank Middleton. It has also been described as "Crisp, clear vocals and soothing lullaby for the soul" by Folk singer, Songwriter, and multiaward nominee, Kristen Martell.

Calluna is guided by her commitment to positive energy, uplifting music, and inclusive community as the core of her musical foundation. “Fearless Contribution”, was Heather’s debut album before her transformation to Calluna. 

"I needed to find a way to ensure artists kept on going through the Covid 19 pandemic when everything was shut down so tightly.", says Calluna.

"Writers sometimes call it lightning in a bottle. Armstrong’s debut album, Fearless Contribution sits squarely within this description. Written in the span of a few months, the record touches on themes that are timeless and does so with a positivity that’s contagious." - The East Mag"

‘Fearless Contribution’ is an album that’s almost a lullaby. Armstrong’s powerful vocal performance, radiating warmth and strength is loaded with emotion that passes over to you as a listener. With guitar work that’s equally impressive to revel at, it’s a fantastically well put together piece of soul folk.

- "Find No Enemy" Blog

Album number two is on the rise and, quite conveniently, brand new song, "Rise!" is its commencement—released this past Harvest Moon. (See Music) "'Rise!' was gifted while practicing album number one with the band” says Calluna. “The song planted a seed that blossomed into my journey in Healing and Spiritual Awakening"; which forms the basis of her latest musical style.

The second song, "Dancing Strings", from upcoming album was also just released this Hunter's Moon (See Music).

Dancing Strings started as a meditative piece while reflecting with "Strings" (the name of her guitar). “The lyrics arrived as desperate prayer to find the feminine Spirit without turning my back on the masculine. Kirk Comstock, of Comstock Recording Studios and I were even able to add healing effects to the track that will activate Kundalini. This is Divine energy found at the base of the spine (Root Chakra) and travels up to the top of the head (Crown Chakra)"

Calluna’s positive energy is infectious. She will leave listeners feeling better knowing we are all here for a purpose. We are all special just the way we are. A final insight into her soul: “It is mentioned that we will receive different names from Spirit, depending on where we are on our journey. This name is a blessing to receive after coming out of immense Spiritual Healing the past few years, and I am eternally grateful to have risen, yet again”

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