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"Calluna Rising is Heart-felt and Awesome!" - Jonathan Crouse (CKBW Radio)

"Calluna Rising" is a singer, songwriter located in Nova Scotia, Canada. Her sound is described as "Folky, Bluesy, Original Music delivered by a full-bodied voice" by local music legend, Hank Middleton. It has also been described as "Crisp, clear vocals and soothing lullaby for the soul" by Folk singer, Songwriter, and multi-award nominee, Kristen Martell.

Calluna is guided by her commitment to positive energy, uplifting music, and inclusive community as the core of her musical foundation. “Fearless Contribution”, was Heather’s debut album before her transformation to Calluna. 

Calluna’s positive energy is infectious. She will leave listeners feeling better knowing we are all here for a purpose. We are all special just the way we are.

A final insight into her soul:


“It is mentioned that we will receive different names from Spirit, depending on where we are on our journey. This new journey is one of Healing, and the new name is its symbolism ("Calluna" being latin for "Heather"). I am eternally grateful to have risen, yet again”

Electronic Press Kit

My Journey from " Heather" to "Calluna"

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