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"I can't do the dishes.

Perhaps, it's because I'm remembering all of the philisophical and thorougly interesting topics he had read about and shared while we laughed in the kitchen together as children...

His mind was advanced, even then.

I can't do the dishes

Perhaps, it's because I remember the ghost stories he shared around Hallowe'en.

I was terrified for weeks until I shared it with mom and she consoled me.

His imagination was advanced, even then.

Most of all,

I remember the walks we would take together with Letty and Emma,

before all had fallen apart.

He would let me take Emma (Border Collie)

because Letty (Beagle) would pull so hard on the leash and it drove me crazy.

Our talks then were phenomenal.

One that sticks out tonight is when he had mentioned how easy it is to worship the wrong thing

by picking up an empty pop bottle and stating that the power of worship could go into something

"like this",

and just how dangerous that can be.

Goodness, it is almost as if he knew all along...

Until his mind took over.

He taught me a torn Bible from use is better than one safe in plexiglass.

He taught me how to see the moon.

I spent so much of my life mad at him...

until we reconnected while we were downtown with brother, Jeremy,

and he said all of whom were going to the Dome were sheep

and we were the shepherds because we spent the evening journeying around outdoors.

Now, I wish I knew where to find that damn jam thumbprint cookie recipe,

because that is where I will remember him.

It was his favourite Christmas cookie...

Or the War Cake.

I never understood his love for War Cake...

until I read about it.

I will remember him before the mind took over while consuming so much knowledge

on each and every subject,

and I promise to slow down just in case it may take over mine.

If there is another life after this one,

I pray it is kinder than this one on all counts.

Please pray for my mother.

Liam Keddy: Born July 15 1982

Died December 30, 2023.

Rest now, brother."


Calluna Rising

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