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The Vibrant Flame of 2021

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Dear Family,

Snow is falling and ice is all around our home. My boys are playing with their friends from down the street and I'm here, writing, with a cup of coffee at my side. Last year was filled with countless highlights thanks to all of you and your groundbreaking support.

Special thank you goes to Chester Municipality for their generous donation in 2021 to ensure we can stay afloat during this time. Scroll down and see what has happened in 2021.

A DEBUT ALBUM was released thanks to heartwarming assistance from Josh Wagner, Stewart Franck, Patrick Thompson, Alex Buchanan, and "Harbourtone Productions" at my side.

Click album cover to have a listen. Songs are dedicated to children and budding musicians needing inspiration through the pandemic. Funds were raised by crowd-funding, which means all of you contributed. Thank you for believing in me. Remaining CDs are headed to our local churches as donation items. Let me know if you would like to order a CD by contacting HERE and I will direct you.

LESSONS ARE FILLING UP at Scotia Music, (Click Logo to be redirected)

and the bagpipe-teaching journey continues.

I've been accepted to teach bagpiping through the Canadian Military Cadet Program. Beyond thankful for the push from my bagpiping instructor, Captain Knox that led to this opportunity. This year has also surprised me with my own bagpiping student, Duncan McAllister, stepping up and becoming Pipe Sergeant to our local Pipe and Drum Band project, "South Shore Pipes and Drums" with drumming friend, Liam Hann, in tow as our Drum Sergeant.

Both Duncan and Liam already have private students and have led the band.

The future is bright!

Due to all of this news, I now feel comfortable branching into teaching guitar and vocals privately so contact Scotia Music directly if you're interested in learning from me.

A BELOVED AFTER SCHOOL MUSIC PROGRAM, "Musical Friends", is expanding to a second spot in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, CA. (Click link to read local newspaper article.)

It is such a fun program promoting leadership and confidence in our beloved children. It also creates weekly paid positions for our local musicians. We can not wait to share all information in this regard.

MOST RECENTLY, Virtually Mic'd has started up for the year. It is a little show in my "Behind the Curtain" section where I interview some Artists I've met through this journey in music. (Click Logo to redirect). Artists share their happenings as well as updates on what is to come.

Artist admission to this project is now full so be sure to check it out. a new artist interview each month in 2022 (aside for the summer as I will be away).

EVERY DAY, THE CANDLE IS BRIGHTER, and with that brightness comes a brand new year: 2022.

January has this way of reminding us to slow down, to practice, and to re-evaluate our decisions for the coming year. This year will be dedicated to recording a new album, to organizing our new subsidized musical programs, to teaching my students, and to being with family.

This musical dream has led to many friendships all around the world--just like you--and I thank you for being part of this journey.

All upcoming information this year will be freshly received through email updates. Please stay in touch by subscribing.

I love you all so much, and you all are with me every day.

Your Friend in Music,

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