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The Truth Lies Underneath

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Hello Sunshine,

Great Spirit has led to a natural healing path with regards to Shamanism.

Being initiated by Gaia, and attempting to understand where I am to follow; however, the need to let go of control is where I am having most difficulty. Once I let go completely, I have a feeling it will be time to heal others through clientele; until then, I will learn, study, channel, and walk with the divine.

Channeling information on how to protect myself from energies is also in process, which is wrecking havoc with some; however, if Great Spirit wills it, then relationships will rekindle.

That said, I am married to Spirit--Chastity and all--and surrendering as I know too much now. It is impossible to go back to a state of sleep; especially while finding signs that I am in the right direction during each moment of surrender.

Realizing just how intense my empathic nature is, and has been, since childhood.

Thought I was unstable, and went on medication to stabilize, but it cut from Divine Source.

It also wasn't helping as I was still an anxious wreck. Now finding out it is due to cosmic energies--the same energies I was taught were falsehoods while growing up--but I am now at a state of forgiveness, as we know not what we do.

Keeping the Cosmos close at hand.

Used to be very upset with myself and my awakening only within the past 6 months, but then Gaia took me through a visual journey of my life thus far. Visions displayed how I've always been walking Spiritually... it is just time now to know just how far this rabbit hole goes (cue the Matrix theme music).

Feeling at peace with who I am these days--a truly comforting feeling to know that this is actually happening, and confirmation of these happenings come by way of other Spiritual leaders and light workers. Shamans are showing up to guide when I am lost, and this new-found understanding while I admit the journey to others is, thankfully, breathtakingly safe.

No more fear, doubt, and questioning my sanity due to the way I was raised. This ship has sailed. My inner-child has been healed by Shamanic sacred breathwork, and my Crone is also healed / in full swing. Can not wait to guide these sessions once Spirit confirms that I am ready.

Been led in quite a few interesting directions thus far, I have to say. Presently sent to protect parent trees in local forests. Also sent to converse to souls within the community by way of Gaia leaving hints through feathers, ladybugs, and etc.

Family and friends have drifted, and animals are keeping me company these days; especially seagulls, sparrows, chickadees, and three crows in my back yard. Said crows are even following me through town. Catching them fly by my car every now and again, too.

Feeding them now so they know I am to be trusted.

Currently learning that once life seems peaceful, it is confirmation of a drastic shift.

That said, the Universe doesn't give us anything we can't handle.

So, instead of looking at it in as "Why Me?", I am learning to switch it to positive, because all is fine as long as I surrender to the path.

Noticing mysticism coded through each song in new album once it has been released, which is very interesting. Each song released so far, that has been created in recent past, is marking something happening at present.

It is extremely neat, as it confirms that Father Sky and Mother Earth have my hand right now.

Now, onto the music.

Thank you for reading, my Sunshine.

Love you so much.


"Dancing Strings" was released this past Hunter's Full Moon| 2nd Song from Second Album

Released exclusively on my website. It will be distributed to all platforms at a later date.

Link to download is found HERE.

Also made a lyric video.

Take a peek.

New Song "Rise!" was released this Harvest Moon | 1st Song from Second Album

A song dedicated to manifesting the Feminine Spirit for our future in Natural Healing Practices.

Here is the link to find it on your favourite music platform.

Also made a lyric video.

Take a peek.


Doing a little promo for new song release :)

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Blessings | Ase'


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