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Hello Family,

Thank you for taking the time to read the story behind “Red”.

Quite a bit of Spiritual Reflection, Awakening, and Lifestyle changes were born in this study, and it resulted in an even further evolution in Spiritual Healing.

Presently enjoying a cup of coffee, listening to the boys unknowingly keep me company while playing around the house; and I am noticing how artistic flow is, naturally, stronger with them around. Praying they, along with all of you, can feel the artistry and nurturing mothership found within “Red” and its message. God only knows how many times I listen to its medicine when life becomes a big question mark.


The foundation of “Red” presented itself last summer while engulfed in studying the Spiritual realm of our Indigenous ancestors, and the synchronization sparked while unmarked graves underneath Residential schools began popping up on the News. It is with grace and sadness that our beloved Indigenous family can finally share, reclaim, and heal their lineage. These findings also enlightened other conversations of heartbreaking historical events occurring in other cultures and, while I do believe it is time for our Indigenous, it is also heartwarming to know we can learn even more about one another within the span of such great darkness.

While down in this deep, shadowy energy, I began to pray endlessly that something could be found, or written, to help with healing. I went into meditation by leaning over “Strings” (Guitar) and letting fingers feel while I listen.


The Ballad of “Red” channelled through while meditating after wading in Gold River, Nova Scotia. We swam there quite a bit as a family unit during this specific Summer Equinox.

Yin and Yang components are both found through shallow and deep pools of Gold River, and I remember floating on my back—ears plugged with water—feeling the sin of the day wash off; lifting to see sparkles of sun within each elemental movement.


A few days later, the lyrics of “Red” were found in meditation while the boys and I played along the beach at their beloved grandmother’s cottage. Both ballad and lyrics were released while watching water elements. Perhaps, that is a bit of “Danu” the Water Goddess channeling through so we may wash away in Baptism and start fresh once again.

Regardless of its reasoning, I became lost within that “Gold River” memory, found a pen, and scribbled words into the journal.


Verse 1 is a reflection on Gold River I hold tightly; not only due to its return in prayer, but also due to knowing the boys washed in sacred waters. "Red" is also another way to confirm that this shocking past will stay in History.

The first verse isn’t meant to be light; therefore, if you feel a grand punch of sadness, shame, guilt, misunderstanding, etc., while envisioning Residential Schools and our Indigenous children lying underneath, then the feeling is coming out as it should.


While in dark meditation, praying for Chorus to present itself, the following Biblical Passage was remembered:

Luke 23:34 - “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

“They know not what they do.” = "We know not what we do."

With life being the way it is—where lessons are the heartbeat behind it—it is quite natural to resonate with the above noted scripture, and if you feel that giant bubble; tearful release while listening, please know that I did, and do, too.

Spirit then brought good news, as good news is terribly important while studying Spiritual practices, and this piece of good news casts through the manmade concept of time. While there are belief systems stating all occurrences are happening simultaneously, time is needed here so that our human mind can understand action. The more “time” goes by, the more “time” is presented for Healing to exist. We will not be better right away, as this is foolish thinking, but the more we listen to one another while we evolve into Awareness as Sapiens, the more space we give to Healing and simply loving each other as one entity.


Verse 2 commenced while I was, then, brought into a whirlwind of memories.

I am remembering three of them, thankfully, so that I may share its medicine with you.

As follows:

  1. Hearing the chipper voice of my late Nana (“Hi Heather”) when I opened the front door without knocking and came right into her Livingroom.

  2. Seeing my late cousin Sandra smile through my mother’s mirror while I brushed my hair. She used to lift her shoulders right to her cheeks while smiling and it is now glued to my brain.

  3. My late Aunt Cathy blowing me away with her powerful ability to make my heart flutter while teaching me how to waltz.

This memory “Whirlwind” had a common trait, and it was to ensure I had the best moment I could while in their presence. There are days where we wish we could have done, or could have been, better, and knowing this Spiritual energy is also found within our Ancestors is such a grand spark in positivity.

Isn’t it such great news to know the "need" to be better than prior is found in our genetic make-up? It is through grace in understanding Ancestral Sacrifice, Spiritual Healing, and memories of self and others where we live on. So, we must “praise their graves” and ours while sharing stories to capture our hearts, and grow.


There is a grand relationship with ego found in the second chorus, and I believe Spirit wishes to remind us of the dangerous power that can spark while travelling too far within ourselves. It can cause us to forget how we all are one entity, and is a common trait in humanity. Sometimes, through act of Ego, we get lost in what we believe to be right. We then say—and do—so many hurtful things that are, then, marked down in History.

This phrase is, again, followed by the air bubbled scripture of Christ, and the concept of time to ensure all will be well as long as we live, learn, and love each other; all while accepting that time heals wounds.


I now present “Red” in prayer that it represents with love, as this is the Spiritual intention.

It is a lullaby Spirit graced through me, and is one I honestly could die for.

Red is my cross.

Red is my sacrifice.

Red is my blood.

Thank you to Kirk Comstock, of "Comstock Recording Studios" for your ears, Béatrice Schuler-Mojon of Vitamin Béa Photography for your photos, and all of you for choosing this particular photo to outline the song.

Pre-released Lyric Video can be found below. The Official song is to be released on all platforms this Friday, and all money raised from song listens, purchases, and merchandise will be donated to Nova Scotia Mental Health and Additions.

Thank you again for reading.

Praying Creator walks with you, lifting you through this life, and always.


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