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Ultimate Soul Connection

There is something to be said about taking on this life as a Healer in Spirit.

Walking along, trusting in Divinity, hearing messages, presenting them, and doing it all without caring how I may seem to the recipient.

It is with humble gratitude knowing, beyond reasonable doubt, that the Spiritual realm is more real than the physical one, and knowing without fear that we are being guided by the Spirit of our Ancestors.

Pulled this Oracle after spending the day at Acupuncture school. Feeling her medicine, and awaiting the journey ahead. Also, the fact that it reminds me so much of my dear sister I had the honour of seeing this past weekend, after a 6-year hiatus, is touching me greatly.

I can’t tell you how many signs have been presented, as I am sure there are some that have been missed, and it makes me want to fall to my knees that I am being trusted with this type of consciousness; especially when called to souls of whom are going to need to handle drastic life changes.

The hardship, however, is intuitively listening to the signs stating that it is a journey in Spirit, while praying that I can finally settle into the idea of relying on someone. Someone I can sit beside without needing to perform, or to help. Someone I can truly stay “in” with, in the present, while watching energy from the trees. This may be that burden, I am sensing, with this journey--being married to Spirit so biblically that only what is felt by divinity is accepted-- and that I must wait at the door for what is meant to be for me.

So, I shall wait, patiently.

I’m feeling energy from others now, or, perhaps, differentiating what was thought as my own. It is helping with realizing how many of us are suffering internally, and how we all need that motherly love; that compassion and indebtedness we find within the feminine Spirit. The unconditional love where it can be soft; yet tough as nails when it is needed, and loved ones are bid "farewell" selflessly; for the greater good.

We must remember that we are not resented, and it isn’t a flaw to be hard on ourselves, as it is grand strength of character to have such high expectations. Being at the mercy of living in human form can hold back so much, so we mustn’t forget to stay connected to our own Holy Triad—to our very own body, soul, and spirit—and feel the energy of YHWH as it beams from the heavens.

Don’t ever stop gazing at the moon and be sure to get outside while it’s raining—even for a few minutes—with arms opened wide in receiving. These are heavenly gifts of Gaia, our beloved earth mother, and She smiles each time She is received. Even now, I received a message from Her to dear son. He ran inside to show me a spider in its web.

Spider Grandmother (Hopi Kokyangwuti, Navajo Na'ashjé'ii Asdzáá) is an important figure in the mythology, oral traditions, and folklore of many Native American cultures, especially in the Southwestern United States. Together, we just found three of the same species in a row just after I had written about Gaia and our required body, soul; spirit connection.


I am brought to the following Scripture from the Women’s Devotional Bible (NIV):

Ecclesiastes 12 1:8

Remember your Creator

in the days of your youth,

before the days of trouble come

and the years approach when you will say,

“ I find no pleasure in them”—

2before the sun and the light

and the moon and the stars grow


and the clouds return after the rain;

3when the keepers of the house

tremble, and the strong men stoop,

when the grinders cease because they

are few,

and those looking through the

windows grow dim;

4when the doors to the street are


and the sound of grinding fades;

when men rise up at the sound of


but all their songs grow faint;

5when men are afraid of heights

and of dangers in the streets;

when the almond tree blossoms

and the grasshopper drags himself


and desire no longer is stirred.

Then man goes to his eternal home

and mourners go about the streets

6Remember him—before the silver

cord is severed,

or the golden bowl is broken;

before the pitcher is shattered at the


or the wheel broken at the well,

7and the dust returns to the ground it

came from,

and the spirit returns to God who

gave it.

8”Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the


“Everything is meaningless!”


So much of our physical realm is run on fear causing anxiety and depression.

Anxiety is found by living in the future, and depression is found by living in the past.

There is a true escape in expectation when we remember how meaningless things can be. Perhaps, under this tutelage, we can really let go and be in the frequency of love.

After all, love is all there is, and don't ever forget the magic of being in love--if only for a second.


In closing, just as I had finished, dear son found 43 Grandmother Spiders, and 4+3 =7.

Taking this as a sign of trust that Spirit has been channeled here today.

May Divinity walk with you, carrying you through this life, and always.


Calluna Rising.

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